Poetry and Other Writings

Five Poems From Gash in Aurochs, (Issue Two)

A Sappy Love Poem in Elderly (“End Capitalism Now,” July 4, 2020)

Review of Ely Shipley’s Some Animal in DIAGRAM, 18.1

“i was never one body” in Twang Anthology (March 2021)

Poems From Gash in a) glimpse) of), Experiencing the Radical Body (forthcoming, preview)

Poems From Gash in EOAGH, Issue Nine (forthcoming)

Three Poems in Homintern (March 2020)

Three Pieces From Sappy Love Poems in Paintbucket.page (Winter 2019)

“U Stretching My Thigh Over Chicago” in marlskarx (Winter 2019)

Two Poems in Columbia Poetry Review, Issue 32 (Summer 2019)

Poems From Death and in DREGINALD, Issue Sixteen (Spring 2019)

Poems From Death and in E·ratio, Issue 27 (Spring 2019)

Poems From Death and in where is the river, Issue 9 (January 2019)

“language will not save us” in Homonym Journal, Issue 5 (Winter 2019)

“where in your body do you remember your grandmother?” in decomP Magazine (April 2019)

Poems From Death and in a) glimpse) of) , The Eccentric Issue (February 2019)

Review of Jennifer S. Cheng’s House A in Columbia Poetry Review

“Everywhere i go the dandelion thrives” in Palimpsest, Volume IX: TRANS[] (February 2019)

Sequence from Death and in Thin Noon (December 2018)

Poems from Death and in Dream Pop, Issue #6 (Fall 2018)

“Rupt” from Death and in SCAB, Issue Four (Fall 2018)

“Gash Chorus” in Requited Journal, Issue 8 (July 2018)

7 poems in The Wanderer (Summer 2018)

yarrow yes woods–poetry from Before

“in a bath of snowflakes” from Now/here in Juked, Issue (April 2018)

“i wish to hell i’d just kept saying” Foothill: A Journal of Poetry, Vol. 8 No. 1 (Spring 2018)

“For Kepler 128b (the beautiful)” Writers Resist, Issue 45 (October 2017)

“Meet me at the park, sundown” Hollow Literary Journal (September 2017)

Three Poems from Now/here in Minute Magazine (August 2017)

“when i say you i mean” Rat’s Ass Review (June 2017)

5 Sonnets from a crown, “When Wandering a Hollow” Prairie Winds (May 2017)

 “paying for my father’s remains” Yes, Poetry (May 2017)

“Sketch” The Nassau Review (May 2017)

 “can i get anyone else a drink from the garage?” Solidago (May 2017)

Three Poems from Now/here in Prodigal’s Chair (April 1, 2017)